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Sometimes you can say that the answer is already contained in the question: this is the case!

Bonsai really means “tree in pot” in other words a small plant that, pampered and satisfied in all its needs, is modeled inside a pot by the bonsaist with skill, art and experience until it becomes evocative of a natural landscape in the eyes of an outside observer.

In fact the ultimate goal of growing a tree as a bonsai it’s to evoke, with its shapes and colors, a tree in a natural landscape!

In order to do this we can use various species, taking into account that some are more suited to cultivation as bonsai than others (for example due to the small size of the leaves).

In short, there are so many plants that go well with the cultivation of a bonsai … and they can all be grown on your balcony, terrace or garden! Some can even be grown inside your own apartment.

The easiest way to get a bonsai is certainly to buy one already formed. There are, however, many methods to make a bonsai, certainly more expensive in terms of time and energy but absolutely more satisfying.

If we said above that these are trees like all the others, then you can imagine that a bonsai can also be obtained from a pre-modeled plant, or found in a nursery, or even from a cutting or layering from a tree.

There are for sure some species of trees which are particularly suitable to be grown as bonsai: there are certainly some conifers such as pine and juniper, but deciduous trees such as maples, beeches and hornbeams are also used a lot, or flowering and fruit plants.

The methods for making a bonsai tree are many, the longest (and at the same time the most incredible!) Is certainly to start from a seed, perhaps collected in a park during the autumn while admiring the colors of the deciduous trees at that time!

It can be said that the more time and care you dedicate to growing a bonsai, the greater your satisfaction will be: consequently your affection for that tree will grow and together with your care a natural landscape will gradually emerge that will lead you to be in harmony with nature.

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