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Water is an essential molecule for plants to carry out that chemical reaction known as photosynthesis that allows the production of sugars (food) that the plant uses to feed itself. This reaction occurs during the day, in the presence of light, another essential element for photosynthesis.

Water is also the vector with which the nutrients produced in the leaves reach the roots by gravity. The roots are the place in which sugars are assimilate.

Water must never be lacking throughout the day! In conditions of non-winter temperatures, it is essential to wet in the morning, as soon as possible. In this way, we will allow the bonsai to have water throughout the day (that is, as long as there is light).

During the night the plant “digests” the food previously produced (through a further chemical reaction which this time has oxygen as its main actor). It is therefore important that oxygenated air is also present in the soil during the night, because the roots operate this reverse photosynthesis!

An evening watering would simply sweep away all the air contained in the pot, effectively preventing the plant from having the oxygen it needs to assimilate nutrients and produce energy. It is as if we spent the day cooking but at dinner time they would cover our mouths with scotch!

Certainly in case of apparent sagging of the plant due to lack of water, it is advisable to wet also in the evening, making sure that this never happens again (for example by increasing the volume of watering in the morning or by wetting even in the middle of the day or still leaving a little water in the saucer, which in any case must be emptied in the evening).

We therefore remember to wet in the morning if the soil is dry to the touch. If the soil is still very wet in the morning, we will avoid further wetting, possibly checking the dryness in the middle of the day and watering a little, if necessary.

Finally, remember that the season also affects watering:

if we are in winter and temperatures below zero, we will avoid wetting so as not to freeze the roots and if necessary water we will wait for the hottest hours of the day

if it is summer, we will try to wet early in the morning when the pot has not already overheated, to prevent the water from boiling in the pot, killing the roots.

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